Srimannarayana Telugu Movie Review


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Srimannarayana Telugu Movie Review Coverage

Cast :: Bala Krishna, Parvathi Melton, Isha Chawla and others
Music Director :: Chakri
Director :: Ravi C Kumar
Producer :: Ramesh Pushpala
Release Date :: 30-08-2012
Rating :: 2.75/5

Srimannarayana Telugu Movie Review & Live Updates

1) The movie starts with Srimannarayana title and scenes showing Hyderabad. Jayaprakash Reddy comes in as Baylu Reddy. Suresh comes in as Harshad Kotari. They are all villains

2) Parvati Melton comes in as TV reporter in Channel 6

3) Balayya comes in as Sriman, a powerful TV reporter. He is introduced in a chase sequence where he utilizes satellite technology to save his colleague.

4) Opening fight sequence starts. Balayya utters powerful punch dialogues and fans respond with whistles

5) First song of the film. “Kyaa bey”. Parvati Melton looks way too thin and unhealthy

6) Dharmavarapu is bringing a few laughs as Tv Channel head Kotilingam

7) M.S.Narayana and Krishna Bhagawan come in as Telugu priests

8) Isha Chawla is introduced as Bhanu, Balakrishna’s Maradhalu.

9) Chalaki Chupulatho song is on now between Balakrishna and Isha Chawla. Shot in Europe

10) Kota comes in as Bank Manager Rajan while Rao Ramesh comes in as a police IG. Vijaykumar is Balakrishna’s father. Full mass masala scenes between Balakrishna and Isha Chawla

11) Time for one more song ‘Kottedduna Chuttedduna’ between Balakrishna and Parvati Melton

12) Duvvasi Mohan is bringing a lot of laughs with his dialogues. Nice comedy scenes between Balayya, Duvvasi and the leading ladies

13) The movie has taken an interesting and serious turn.

14) Vinod Kumar comes in as CBI officer. Powerful dialogues from Balakrishna over scams

15) Balakrishna comes in a surprise getup which looks terrific . Interval now. First hallf has masala dialogues, comedy and story is set for interesting 2nd half

16) Massive fight breaks out in jail. Shot well

17) Time for the song ‘Thakathay’. Shot amidst snow between Balakrishna and Isha Chawla.

18) Revenge drama is unfolding. Balakrishna is in Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy getup.

19) Scene shifts to Nallamala Forest. Jayaprakash Reddy is bringing a few laughs with his trademark comedy

20) Time for the mass song ‘Aaradugula Abbayi’. Shot with Balayya, Isha Chawla and Parvati Melton. Double meaning dialogues between Parvati Melton and Isha Chawla providing entertainment to crowds

21) Story takes a twist. Scene shifts to Malaysia.

22) Movie is heading for a climax and a big fight breaks out.