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Sudigadu Telugu Movie Review Coverage

Cast :: Allari Naresh,Monal Gajjar, LB Sri Ram, Hema, Kovai Sarala,Jayaprakash Reddy and others
Music Director :: Sri Vasanth
Director :: Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
Producer :: Chandra Sekhar Reddy
Release Date :: 24-08-2012
Rating :: 3/5

1) Kamesh (Allari Naresh) and his wife (Hema) are the parents of a dynamic and powerful new baby (Allari Naresh again) with a 6 pack body.
2) Jayaprakash Reddy As Thikkal Reddy is the Villan.
3) Jayaprakash Reddy hates the New Born Baby (Allari Naresh).
4) Thikkal Reddy (Jayaprakash Reddy) Wanted To Kill the Baby.
5) Before Thikkal Reddy Attack’s the baby Kamesh (Allari Naresh) Will Send The baby with his mother (Kovai Sarala) to Hyderbad.
6) The baby Grows up as Shiva. He wanted to be like a Real Powerful Cinema Hero.
7) Shiva (Allari Naresh) Meets Priya (Monal Gajjar) and falls in love with her badly.
8) Later Priya (Monal Gajjar) also Accepts his love. But her father will not accept there Love.
9) Then Shiva Works hard and became a rich man then there marriage will get fixed. But Priya Father asks about Shiva’s parents.
10) In search of his parents Shiva goes to Seemapuram And finds his parents.Who are working for Jayaprakash Reddy
11) Finally Both Jayaprakash Reddy and Shiva meets each other. What Does Jayaprakash Reddy Do to Shiva is the rest of the story.

Sudigadu Movie Highlights
1) High Energetic Peformance By Allari Naresh
2) First Half Of The Movie
3) Good Dialogues
4) Good Selection of Spoof’s

Sudigadu Movie Drawbacks
1) Dragging Second Half
2) Songs
3) Week Climax